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Welcome to Intergenies' Online Shop!


DoveZ is ready for sale. After some troubles with our publisher and distributor we finally found a solution to make you a really cool offer right here at our new online shop. Actually, you may choose between 2 different versions.

a) Full-Edition (ca. 650 MB), including high quality cutscenes
b) Lite-Edition (ca. 240 MB), rendered cutscenes NOT included, recommended for low-bandwith users

After your purchase you get the direct download links, which are completely available for 14 days.

Hint: For any troubleshooting (e.g. using DivX6) please have a look at the DoveZ readme.



DoveZ - The Second Wave [Full-Edition] (ca. 650 MB) Only 9.99 EUR

DoveZ - The Second Wave [Lite-Edition] (ca. 240 MB) Only 6.99 EUR